Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mother Gone Mad

I'm very disturbed by the number of stories like the one linked below that are popping up almost every day in the news. And what about the ones that don't make the news.

Mother Seeks Girl's Hysterectomy

Did this mother take her cue from the Ashley Treatment, or has she just gone mad? In the story, Katie's mother says "She's not going to get married and she's not going to have children...Katie is not going to become a normal adult."

Excuse me, I am not one to often use off-color language, but how the H*LL does this mother even begin to know what is normal?

Mrs Thorpe, the mother, also said her daughter would not be able to ask for help or even let people know what she was feeling. If that is true could it be because NO ONE HAS EVER ASSISTED HER IN DEVELOPING A COMMUNICATION SYSTEM!

This child has cerebral palsy and her mother wants to rip out her uterus! What if she had migraine headaches - would mumsy be wanting brain surgery?

I agree with Simone Aspis, of the UK's Disabled People's Council, "As far as we're concerned that is totally and utterly unacceptable."

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