Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Bet you thought I forgot my list of thanks today, eh? I admit it has been a very busy day, and I am just now getting to my blog. Ashley had an MRI under anesthesia today. We do this every 3-6 months to monitor the three brain tumors that were identified 18 months ago.

When Ashley was an infant, she had two separate surgeries to remove brain tumors. But for many years, the tumors stopped being an issue. Then about 18 months ago when her seizures peaked at 5-6 a day, her doctors searched for a reason. The first MRI they ordered revealed that Ashley has three more tumors. But since they are not growing, and the doctors are divided on whether or not they are causing seizures, I have chosen the prudent path of just watching them.

Today was one of those days of watching. So, today I am thankful...

  • that we were able to find a very close handicapped parking spot in front of the hospital. That's a very good thing on a cold, windy day.

  • for the quick and easy registration process in the MRI department.

  • that Ashley did not need Versed, a drug to calm her anxiety, before the procedure. But she just barely didn't need it. I was just moments away from asking for it when they took her back. I don't like the Versed because it makes waking her from the anesthesia very, very difficult.

  • for the lovely recovery room nurse who through her actions acknowledged that 'Mom Knows Best', and let me handle Ashley's discharge the way I wanted.

  • that my son, Chip, took the day off from school to help me at the hospital. With my rheumatoid arthritis transferring from wheelchair to gurney and back can be a daunting task, and Ashley doesn't like strangers stepping in to help

Along with the things for which I am thankful, today there were several things for which I was not thankful...

  • the MRI staff who insisted we come for the appointment at 10am, and then didn't take Ashley back until 11:15

  • and again, for the MRI staff who couldn't send Ashley to recovery immediately following her procedure because the recovery room was full - but most especially because they didn't tell me what was going on and made me wait two and half hours, worrying myself sick every minute.

  • and finally, for the fact that the MRI staff did not have the images on CD ready for me to take from the hospital. Ashley's neurosurgeon insists I get a copy the day of the procedure. I asked several times while we were waiting, and again in the recovery room. With a drowsy and cranky Ashley wanting desperately to leave the hospital and go home, they told me I would have to wait another 30 minutes for the CD. I told them they could mail it to me.

So, the good news is we are done for another 6 months (hopefully). The bad news, besides the negative experiences at the hospital, is that I must wait until next week to hear from the neurosurgeon letting me know what the MRI revealed.

Think good thoughts for Ashley, please...

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little.birdy said...

What a brave girl! I would flip out if I had to get an MRI. Sending up a prayer that all will be well!