Monday, May 6, 2013

Told You So

I must admit that I find great pleasure in pointing out to certain people how wrong they were about my beautiful Ashley. You know, those people who said she should be institutionalized, that she would be incapable of communicating or learning the most basic of skills, and that one particular school division employee who told me I needed to be realistic about Ashley's future.

So to all those people, I want to show you something. You may not think it is anything special. You may call it a fluke or a "scattered" skill. You may say she doesn't really understand...but you are wrong on all accounts.

Ashley signed her name on her SSDI application. Yes, it's only her first name, but it's a start. She got 6 letters, 6 well spaced letters, of her first name on the signature line. She understood that because her signature was not easily readable that she had to have two people also sign saying that it was her signature. But she was OK with that. She wants her SSDI and like her Power of Attorney, she will be signing it with her name.

And oh yea, she's deafblind.

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Jonathan Martinis said...

Amen, Deborah. From the first time I met you and Ashley (14 years ago!?) I knew that nothing could or would stand in your way.