Monday, April 21, 2014

The Bravest Thing Ever

During Spring Break, we visited one of our favorite places - the Virginia Safari Park.  Located near Natural Bridge, Virginia, The Virginia Safari Park is a magical place where animals such as zebras, deer, antelope, camels and bison come right up to your car for a snack! 

In addition to the drive-thru portion of the park is a small walk-thru area where super turtles, monkees, lazy kangaroos, giraffes, peacocks and budgies greet the public. 

Since Ashley is severely visually impaired, she doesn't always get to see the animals, but the budgie house is a different story!  Fashioned like a gigantic bird house. hundreds of budgies fly around.  They will land on shoulders, fingers and even hats.

As you might imagine, the hubbub in the budgie house could go one of two ways - she could be frightened and over-stimulated, scaring the other visitors as well as the birds - or the way life unfolded during our visit!  For a blind child, this is quite possibly the bravest thing I have ever seen!

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