Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer Done, School Year Begun

Thankfully, we have survived yet another summer. School is back in session in just a few days, and I think both Ronnie and Ashley will be glad to see that day get here.

Ronnie's biggest problem this summer was boredom. Unfortunately, he is not a go-getter type of guy and wants to rely on others to direct his social calendar. Since he is somewhat particular about what is on his social calendar, he also spent a lot of the summer complaining about that. He is a young man that needs to find the motivation that lives within himself, and I am not sure how to help him do that.

Ronnie did participate in a lot of wheelchair sports over the summer, and I know he enjoyed those. He played wheelchair lacrosse, did two sessions of kayaking camp, began training for a half marathon that is coming up this November, and accompanied his brother, Chip, on one of the popular biking events in our city.

Ashley's summer began as usual with ESY services. I know I have said in the past that I wasn't sure we would continue with those, but now I am sure - NO MORE ESY SERVICES! The services are not designed with the individual student in mind, and most importantly the summer staff seems to have no clue how to educate a student with deafblindness. We're done!

In addition to ESY Services, Ashley also started attending a day support program. I had some misgivings in the beginnning, and was really worried because I see day support playing an important role in her future. But despite my early concerns, the day support program turned out to be a very positive experience for her. She is happy and excited to go there every morning, and she comes home in a great mood each afternoon! I also had a tutor that worked with Ashley two days a week at the day support program (since ESY was such a waste), and that combined with the new adventures provided by the day support program have really helped Ashley mature and become more independent this summer.

I believe Ashley is in a good place for starting the new school year, and because of her tutur, I'm betting there was little to no regression as he classes get underway.

So, I am excited for both kids to get back into the regular school year, and I know they are both looking forward to seeing their teachers and other staff at the school. We have indeed survived another summer, and each summer gives me new insight as to what I can do to make sure both Ronnie and Ashley have the support and services they need.

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