Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our Dance

Think about Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles. As they make beautiful music, they sway side to side. It's a dance almost, a dance that Ashley and I share each and every day.

Because Ashley is deafblind, she often seeks her stimulation through body movement, and one of the movements I see the most is her swaying side to side.

She sways as we wait for the bus in the morning. She sways as we wait to see the doctor. She sways as I help her on with her coat, and she sways as I try to administer her meds through her G-tube.

I find myself matching her rhythm - sway for sway - so imperceptible at first that I don't even notice. It's like a shared music in our brains, and while others may not agree, I think it is beautiful!

Just like Stevie and Ray....

ATM: The sliver of moon through the trees this morning, the sky dark blue on top and golden at the horizon!

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