Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Their Infinite Wisdom

Way back last October, Ashley's leg and foot began to swell. It wasn't an injury but it was a mystery.

The doctor first thought it might be a blood clot, but it wasn't. Then the doctor (a new doctor) thought it might be scurvy, a vitamin C deficiency, but it wasn't. The mystery persists...

Back in December, the doctor ordered a cat scan of Ashley's leg and foot, a scan that would have to be done under anesthesia. Virginia Medicaid, Ashley's insurance, denied the procedure as not medically necessary. Thinking perhaps the request was not written correctly, the doctor tried again. After discussion with vascular specialists, the doctor requested an MRI under anesthesia.

Again, Medicaid has denied the procedure as not medically necessary.

Ashley gets very upset whenever we pull into the hospital parking lot. She is beyond anxious as we check in and head to the imaging department. When they ask her to get on the stretcher for the procedure, she loses it. She is adult-sized now. She is exceptionally strong. I cannot persuade or physically move her to the stretcher. Four burly men can but they often get injured in the process. And getting her to lie still after all that is impossible, and I don't say too many things are impossible in life. But that is.

So, infinitely wise Medicaid, what do you suggest we do now? Do we just accept the leg and foot swelling and wait until things get worse and become an emergency? Since you feel the procedures two different doctors have ordered are not medically necessary, would you mind telling all of us what can be done?

Since Ashley is nothing more than words on a computer screen to you, would you like to discuss this issue? Would you like to accompany us to the imaging facility and watch while we try to get the scans?

I didn't think so...

ATM: The way Ashley patted my back when she could tell I wasn't feeling well!

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