Monday, March 4, 2013

Hair Hell No More

Remember the post I wrote back in January about the difficulties Ashley experiences every time she goes to the salon for a haircut? I have a solution!!!

I spent all last week finding YouTube videos about how to cut hair. You wouldn't believe how many such videos there are. Some are from actual stylists, even some famous ones, and some are from moms like me who want to save money or who may have children with sensory issues that cause problems at a hair studio. So armed with my YouTube education, and a home haircutting kit I bought at Sally's Beauty Supply, I plunged into Ashley's hair after apologizing in advance if I messed it up.

As suggested by several of the YouTube videos, I put something on TV for Ash, propped her up in a chair in front of the TV, and most importantly, gave her a selection of brightly colored clips to play with.

She was perfect after that! She sat still, she followed directions, and I didn't cut her with the scissors even once. Granted, I can use more practice on the actual haircutting skills, but fortunately for me, Ashley's hair grows like a weed! She seemed happy with the finished product, and I am happy that it turned out at least as good as it did with the salon stylist battle!

Here is my beautiful girl...

ATM: The complete and utter trust my children have in me...


MichiganMom said...

Ashley's haircut is beautiful! And a brilliant solution for all.
It does make me think, though, how so often with my girls, the solution for me, no matter the problem, is to do it myself.
I know and understand you saying you are the lucky one in your life, but Ashley is truly blessed by the wonderful mother who chose her from all the kids in the world.

Ashley's Mom said...

Thanks Michigan Mom!!