Monday, March 25, 2013

What The Heck is an Iliac?

First there was an ultrasound looking for a blood clot. Then there was an insurance battle followed by a cat scan, also looking for a blood clot. That was followed by another ultrasound, and the result of all that? No answers as to why Ashley's right leg and foot have been swollen since last October. The cat scan, according to the hospital radiologist, did show some 'shadowing' that looked 'suspicious'. Both ultrasounds showed no clots and nothing out of the ordinary. Fortunately, Ashley's pediatrician has a bulldog mentality and is determined to figure out what is going on.

I mentioned two weeks ago that our next step was to send the scan and ultrasound results to Massey Cancer Center and have a hematologist/oncologist take a look. After having that person as well as both a pediatric and adult radiologist from the Cancer Center look at the films, we seem to be closer to a diagnosis. ABNORMAL EXTERNAL ILIAC VEIN. Whatever the heck that means.

A second doctor from our pediatric practice called me later Friday with that information. She was still waiting on the written report which she hoped would provide more information, but the hematologist/oncologist said our next step was to visit a vascular surgeon. Now the pediatrician and I need to find one of those...

So I've had all weekend to think about this and to try not to Google it. So far so good, but if I don't hear from a doctor soon, I may have to visit Dr. Google.

I'm glad we are getting closer to figuring this out, but worried at the 'surgeon' word. I'll keep you posted....

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