Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Color of Water

I love having a geek in the family! My son, Chip, is always finding things that I never knew I needed, but then realized I couldn't live without.

Today's find is something that will help Ashley know when the water from our faucets is either hot or cold. Even though I had already put red and blue electrical tape on the handles, she had a tough time seeing that with her significant visual impairment. I needed something else...

Chip came to the rescue by finding a faucet light with led heat sensitive color changing ability. We had seen similar products a year or so ago, but the cost was prohibitive. Chip found this one on Amazon and it only cost $10!!

Here are some pictures. The water appears red when the temperature reaches 85 degrees. Otherwise it appears blue. Needless to say, Ashley loves it!


Casdok said...

Very clever - well done Chip!

Adelaide Dupont said...

To judge by feel can be unreliable at best.

(Especially when one is especially hot or cold).

And I see there's also a showerhead which many people have bought.