Monday, September 23, 2013

School Doesn't Approve of Pajamas

Finding clothes that Ashley wants to wear is such a challenge. Because of her deafblindness, she is very sensory defensive. In other words, if something that touches her body doesn't feel just right, she wants nothing to do with it. As a young child, she participated in a 'brushing' program, a technique taught by our occupational therapist whereby Ashley's skin was brushed several times a day with a very soft surgical scrub brush. And that helped some, but she is still pretty picky about what touches her skin. So, each season brings new challenges to find clothes that she will allow to be close to her skin.

The basic rules of "Ashley Dressing" include nothing with buttons, zippers or other kinds of fasteners and everything must be of a soft fabric, teeshirt-like material is best. Throw into that mix that she is a teenager and appearance is very important to her, and you can imagine the challenge to find just the right clothing, and especially clothing that is affordable.

I've been lucky in the past to find both short and long pants at Walmart that are teeshirt-like material and have elastic waists. Since she is small, I also need to find clothing to fit a petite frame, and Walmart usually carries petite sizes in both those shorts and pants. That was until this year. I have searched several stores and online many times, and they just don't seem to be carrying those particular items this year. I can find leggings all over the place, but those are not her favorite and it becomes challenging to wear those at school (she must have an extra long top to copy her bottom if she wears leggings).

So, cooler weather is upon us and shorts won't work too many more days. I've tried Amazon and have found a few things, but they are ridiculously expensive. Yoga pants would work if I could find some that came up to her natural waist (not sitting on the hips - she doesn't like the feel of that) and weren't too expensive. I haven't found those yet either. The brand of stuff that Walmart used to have was White Stag. I've been to their website also with no luck.

Any ideas you might have would be most welcome. If we don't find some long pants soon, I may have to send her to school in pajamas!!! (and pajama jeans won't work because they have little metal pieces around the pockets...)


Deana said...

Check out Sears.

Also, if you have a KMart near you, this seems to be their answer to White Stag.

Suzy said...

Check out Old Navy - that is where I get most of my yoga/not quite pj's but close pants - they are reasonably priced and usually have coupons or deals. If you order online, go through You will get a little bit of money back just for shopping online (not much, but if you are shopping online anyway, why not?).

schnitzelbank said...

Seconds on those suggestions! Target's "Champion" line (in the women's workout/sleep clothing section) has drawstring pants for exercise that she would probably like. Or check out Kohl's. With a coupon, these would be nice, Jockey pull-on drawstring pants:

Ashley's Mom said...

Thanks everyone! Those are great ideas and I will check them out!