Friday, April 20, 2007

Mother Knows Best

Ashley learned her ABCs, both uppercase and lowercase, in first grade. By the start of the second grade, she was reading 10 sight words in large print. Also at the beginning of second grade, I asked her teacher and staff to begin working on Braille with Ashley. They refused, stating that Ashley didn’t have the cognitive ability to learn Braille.

Ashley is now in 6th grade. Her vision teacher is young, inspired, and not yet hampered by the organizational culture of our school district. She began working with Ashley on Braille again this year, and lo and behold, Ashley is ‘getting it’, in the words of the vision teacher. The teacher is so excited and so convinced that Ashley will be able to master Braille that she wants to continue working this summer, after the school year ends, with Ashley.

Would it be immature of me to contact those early teachers and school administrators and say “I told you so…”.

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