Monday, January 7, 2008

Blowing Kisses

Fellow blogger, Esbee from Life In Forsyth was writing about an upcoming concert, and went to the artist's MySpace page to have a listen. Please go hear "The Man Who Blew Kisses", the fourth song on the player. I agree with Esbee that it's absolutely lovely, and reminds me of my Jessica, also a kiss-blower.

The Man Who Blew Kisses

The man who blew kisses stood out in the crowd
He wasn't so tall & he wasn't loud
I couldn't tell you how he was dressed
But of everyone there I remember him best

The man who blew kisses was simple & free
He never considered how people might see him
He walked on the water & swam through the air
No trepidation & without a care

The man who blew kisses lives in a home
He isn't allowed to go out on his own
Wherever they take him he's happy to go
He loves everybody & lets them all know

The man who blew kisses, blew them at me
It tickled my heart & it buckled my knee
It made my voice crack & it righted all wrongs
I blew kisses back at the end of the songs

The man who blew kisses in front of the stage
Knew nothing of jealousy, nothing of rage
Nothing of prejudice, nothing of shame
He'd never been broken, never been tamed

The man who blew kisses, he misses some things
But he was catching my drift, he had air in his wings
His head was a' rocking, he was clapping his hands
He was stomping his feet, he was doing a dance

The man who blew kisses eats tulips for lunch
And probably rainbows but that's just a hunch
Sunshine & pixie dust mixed in his punch
Daisies for breakfast he eats by the bunch

The man who blew kisses will blow them at you
He blows them at anyone, no matter who
And I thought to myself in the middle of all this
That the song I was singing was but a kiss

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