Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Resources and Examples of Right

My friend, Jane, shared a link to a special education law blog that seems to be full of good information. I haven’t had a chance to go deeply into it yet, but I think it’s time that we had more good resources on special ed law. Peter Wright’s site is good, but competition is good also.


Along those same lines, I also found another special ed law resource a few months back. It is linked on the left side of my blog, and it also seems to be an excellent resource for parents.


As many of you know, I have written several times about my search for a church home. In the last week, one of my fellow writers at the 5 Minutes For Special Needs site also wrote on that subject, and the comments left on her blog were quite eye-opening. Seems my negative experiences have also been felt by many others. But my brother alerted me to a church that has indeed gotten it right. Check out this article about a perfect example of people loving people. I especially love the title of the article, Spontaneous Compassion.


Finally, I ran across this article about a little girl who was finally able to tell her mother that she loved her. Make sure you have some tissues close by when you read it…

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Anonymous said...

Great. Thank you for sharing these.