Thursday, October 15, 2009

Driving Topless

Got your attention, didn't I?

Same thing happened to me when I saw the title of this news article:

Could Topless Driving Make You Deaf?

Today I am thankful for my new(ish) car. I'm not worrying so much now about breakdowns, but I do miss all the space of my old van.


Corrie Howe said...

Interesting. Sounds logical...both why it is a problem now and why it wasn't a problem before.

Ashley's Mom said...

Corrie, the article explains that cars didn't always go as fast in the past, and therefore were not as noisy.

It's obviously not a formal study, but I loved the title :) and I needed a smile today. It's cold and rainy here and the kids are grumpy!

MaggieMae said...

Is THAT what your newish car looks like? Feasible! I find without the "sound package" on any car, road noise is deafining even with a hard top.

Ashley's Mom said...

Maggie, I WISH that's what my new car looked like! No, mine is much more practical - a Chevy Malibu (I'm an American car kind of girl).

Once most of the kids are grown, Ashley and I *may* buy a little red convertible and tour the US!

See what I mean!