Monday, March 19, 2012

Apps for Ashley

My gotta-have-the-latest-gadget son, Chip, got the new iPad 3 last week. While I am very happy for him, I am also thrilled (!) because it means Ashley gets his old one!! Yes, it is the first generation iPad, and yes it is a little slow and crashes sometimes, but still it is very exciting for her.

Ashley has been using an iPad at school for a year now, and loves it! The school staff was amazed at how quickly she picked up the techniques (finger swipe and such) as well as at the increased pace of her learning. Of course, I have been telling them since she was in 3rd grade that she needed a computer-based curriculum...

I've asked her teacher to let me know what apps Ashley uses at school so we can get the same ones for home. But, I am also interested in apps you may have found to be especially good for a child with special needs. Keep in mind that Ashley is severely visually impaired (blind in one eye, 20/2000 in the other) and severely hearing impaired (profound loss in one ear, severe in the other). She doesn't need any communication type apps, proloquo for example, because she indicated years ago that all she wants and needs for that are her hands for signing. She loves Tigger, SpongeBob and Elmo, and loves looking at people's (mostly children's) faces. She likes numbers and letters, and she likes movement, i.e. dancing letters and numbers. She's not a huge fan of coloring apps because she would rather create three dimensional artwork.

So, given all that, what are you recommendations for some iPad apps??!!

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schnitzelbank said...

Some of my son's favorite (and cheap!) apps are: Sound Shaker, BabyPiano, Toddler ABC, 123 Sticker, Cupcakes XL and Toast XL, My PlayHome...
Oh, I'm looking on my updates right now and there is a free rec'd here called "Moms with Apps" - "A catalog of family-friendly apps..."