Monday, November 5, 2012

Any News?

For a week now, I have been watching how Hurricane Sandy devastated New York and New Jersey. In some areas, a lot of areas actually, the scenes look right out of a war zone. People's lives are have been changed forever. They've lost everything - homes, personal belongings, and in one mother's case, her two young sons.

I wish I could completely understand the depth of their pain, but I know I can't. We've faced some weather disasters here also, but nothing to even compare to what happened in the Northeast.

But I have had another thought, one for which I have heard no news reports, no newspaper stories, nothing. What about the people with disabilities?

Surely in the large area that was severely impacted by the storm there would be people with disabilities, some even with severe disabilities, living there. What has happened to them?

Were they all prepared? Did they get out of town before the storm hit? If not, how are they coping with no electricity, no food, no gas, no heat? And why hasn't anyone asked these questions publicly?

What about the parents of children with Autism? Or the parents of a child or children in wheelchairs, dependent on feeding tubes and/or trachs? How are they surviving if they are stranded in the worst hit areas? How are they explaining to their children what is happening?

All these thoughts have reinforced in my mind the need to be prepared. But I want to know what happened to the people with disabilities in New York and New Jersey. Has anyone heard anything?


Molly said...

Ellen is putting together a fundraiser for the mom of a little guy with Down syndrome.

Cheryl said...

From my friend Julie's facebook wall last nite: " There are still high-rises in the Rockaways, Coney Island and Staten Island without power and/or heat, and with some people with limited mobility trapped in upper floors. There are teams going door-to-door to deliver food, water, and if necessary help people get out. The need is immediate (today).

If you or your friends and neighbors are interested in this unpaid volunteer activity, contact Diahann Billings-Buford (head of NYC Service) at "

Cheryl said...

Here also is a blog post part 1: and 2 (tells you where to donate):

And the NPR story:

Ashley's Mom said...

Molly and Cheryl, thanks for the links! I'm so happy that Nick is doing ok. How scary!!

RG Brooklyn said...

The situation continues to be perilous for elderly and disabled people,and it's being under reported. Individuals, through schools, religious organizations, and Occupy Sandy have been running hot food and supplies up the stairs. Wish I could say the same for any of the big, official organizations.