Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hair Hell

From the time I brought Ashley home at age 2, she has been sensory defensive. When she was much younger, the only time I could get her fingernails trimmed was when she was under anesthesia. Unfortunately, she was under anesthesia a lot those years.

After help from our local Children's Hospital and the use of a brushing program, Ashley's sensory defensiveness did get better. Bu two things areas of defensiveness still remain - her head and her feet.

Ashley will only wear one kind of shoe - Converse hi-tops. Not the low ones, not another brand. And, she is happiest when they are made of canvas and not the specialty fabrics I sometimes buy her because I like the shoes. She also does not like hats. She will keep one on if it is bitterly cold outside and I am sitting right next to her. But, for example, the minute her school bus pulls out of sight, the hat comes off. She also will not tolerate any clips or hairbands, and blow drying her hair is my daily aerobic activity.

So you can imagine that hair cuts don't usually go well.

We are in a place that is not especially familiar, with people who are not familiar, with lots of strange smells and noises, and then someone wants to put a cape around you. Ashley's haircuts do not happen with a cape on. It's just too much for her.

The haircuts themselves usually happen but only because I hold her and do my best to distract her. But I don't do a very good job at that. The resulting haircut is not perfect, but at least it looks a little less wild and crazy.

Then we get to do it all over again in about 6 weeks!

Ashley's hair is very thick, shiny and wavy. She wanted to try growing it out once but the result of completely ummanageable. So, she keeps it very short and even has it thinned out. But that just means we have to visit the salon more often.

I'm still hopeful one day that she will be able to get a hair cut without trauma, but if anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them!

ATM: How nice it was that my blood pressure was right where it is supposed to be during my doctor's visit today!

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schnitzelbank said...

I would contact a local nursing home/assisted living and see who they bring in to do hair. Call him/her and see if they'll come to your house. I imagine they would be more patient and gentle. Or if you've had a good experience with someone at the salon, ask if they'll do a house call next time. :)