Monday, July 1, 2013

My Vacation Slide Show - Part 1

Were your parents like mine?  Did they take video and/or a ton of pictures whenever you went on vacation and then invite their friends and neighbors over to view their slide show?  I remember that those friends and neighbors often had a bored expression on their faces, but they were trapped, too polite to get up and leave.

Last week we took a trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  We stayed on the less inhabited Hatteras Island, and had a thoroughly wonderful time soaking up the sun, eating lots of good seafood, visiting some local points of interest, and just unwinding from the normal stress of our lives.  It was wonderful, and this week I will share my 'slide show' with all of you!

The only difference between my parents' show and mine is that I won't get to see any bored expressions!  So sit back, have a cocktail, and enjoy our vacation pics!


We rented a house on the island, a house that was advertised as handicapped-friendly.  Other than an elevator that worked 50% of the time, I noticed no other handicapped friendly features.  But that didn't matter to Ashley.  You see, we live in a rancher - no steps anywhere.  I bought the house many years ago because I didn't know if Ashley was ever going to walk.  1 week after moving in she started walking.

The rental house had three floors with lots of staircases.  I think Ashley's most favorite part of the whole vacation was being able to climb and climb and climb again.  She did so well that it would be hard for anyone to believe that she is blind!  So here are some pics - not your typical vacation pics, but Ashley's favorite thing nonetheless.

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