Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"All People Have The Right To Be Employed"

Although I hadn't planned it this way, I seem to have a bit of a theme going this week - employment and people with disabilities. Althought I haven't found a way to see this actual film, I'm going to keep trying and will let you know. The trailer alone makes me know I MUST find the whole film...

For decades in Toledo, Ohio, Lott Industries has excelled at manufacturing small car parts. All 1,200 Lott employees have developmental disabilities, yet the company competes with traditional non-disabled businesses and achieves the highest quality ratings. When the US auto industry crisis hits, however, Lott's market is wiped out and president Joan Browne has 12 months to reinvent or close the doors. For the workers, the stakes are even higher since their jobs are a refuge, not only from the impoverishment that affects the majority of America's disabled, but from social isolation. For employees Kevin, Wanda and T.J., work is more than just a direly needed paycheck, it's a lifeline, a symbol of their dignity, and their dreams made real. The race to find a new business plan drives this engrossing recession economy drama, but it's the humanity the film restores to the balance sheet that makes A Whole Lott More such a rare achievement.

Trailer for "A Whole Lott More" from Victor Buhler on Vimeo.

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wannabe said...

http://awholelottmore.com/ Its not out yet, but you can request a screening in your area