Monday, December 2, 2013

All Nestled Snug In Their Picture Frames

Sorry I was MIA last week. Besides the hustle and bustle of the Thanksgiving holiday, Ashley had (successful) ear surgery on Monday to remove a tumor and I was sick as a dog most of the week with a sinus infection AND an ear infection. I did figure out that the best time to go to our local doc-in-the-box is a holiday. There was no one, and no wait, when I went on Thursday night. Besides checking me out and writing some prescriptions, the doctor and I had a nice chat about the holidays and our children.

This past weekend, as is our normal custom, we got the Christmas decorations from the attic and started spreading festive cheer throughout the house. Something I always display are the pictures of my kids with Santa throughout the years. Since my kids joined the family at varying times, and since they weren't all small at the same time, I don't have one picture with all 5 children in it. But, I do have pictures with groupings of children...or so I thought.

I realized when setting out the pictures that I had none, NONE, of Ronnie sitting on Santa's lap. He was 15 years old when he joined the family, and sitting on Santa's lap was probably not something he was wild to do. So, it just fell through the cracks. But, I decided this year, 18 years old or not, I was going to have a picture of Ronnie with Santa. So we went to the mall, endured the strange looks from the parents of sweet darlings making their annual visit to Santa's knee, and Ronnie had his picture taken!! Here is the result:

So now all is right in my 'pictures with Santa' world!!

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