Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Queen and The Princess

On May 3, Richmond, Virginia will be the first American city to officially welcome Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, II in sixteen years. Public excitement is high, but I’m surprised the people of Virginia – ok, well at least the people of Richmond – don’t realize that they already have a Princess in their midst. My sweet Ashley was officially designated a Princess 4 years ago by Mickey Mouse.

Four summers ago, Ashley was granted a wish by the Make A Wish Foundation. Her wish was to meet Mickey Mouse. So, we traveled to Orlando (Ashley’s first airplane flight), set up house at the Give Kids The World Resort, and hurried to meet the Head Mouse. As we walked through the gates to the Mouse House, Ashley was handed a tiara and a scepter, and as she received a kiss from Mickey Mouse, was told she was officially now a Princess! She has adapted to her role quite well.

Like Queen Elizabeth, Ashley enjoys frequent walkabouts in the neighborhood. Befitting her role in society, she chooses to wear dresses most of the time – even to bed each night. She doesn’t share the same fondness for gloves as the Queen, but she does carry herself regally through life bestowing smiles upon her subjects. The Queen prefers hats with flowers for her many public appearances. Ashley prefers to eat flowers. As protocol dictates, one never tells the Queen that they are ‘pleased to meet you.’ Likewise with Ashley. She and the Queen are secure in their knowledge that EVERYONE is pleased to meet them. Anyone dining with the Queen should know that when the Queen stops eating, everyone else must stop eating. That wouldn’t be an issue when dining with Ashley – she never stops eating.

As shown in the picture above, the Queen (age 2, 1928) wore jewels even as a youngster. Jewels have always been one of Ashley’s favorite things, and she spends a great deal of time each day assembling her jewelry works of art. Like Queen Elizabeth, Ashley will be wearing her tiara tomorrow, and I’m sure both of them will be secure in their birthright, their impact on history, and the all-encompassing devotion of their subjects. Long live the Queen and the Princess!

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