Monday, May 7, 2007

Time To Clean The Toilet, Sweetie

Disciplining a teenager is difficult for me, especially when the teenager needs lots of discipline. I don’t believe in corporal punishment so hitting them is not an option (that and the fact that they are bigger than me). Confining me to my room was a technique used by my parents, but in this day of I-Pods, computers and such, being stuck in your room is not such a bad thing (that and the fact that at least one of my teenagers would be sitting in his room plotting his next moves). I have tried the removal of privileges, such as taking the I-Pod, the video games and the TV, but eventually, I ran out of things to take away. So, my current strategy is finding extra chores for the offending teenager.

My car could always use a good washing. The house windows could always sparkle more. A bathroom can never be too clean and neither can the dog. Pulling weeds helps develop fine motor muscles. Having to launder your siblings’ clothes definitely gives a teenager time to think. And, I don’t believe I will run out of extra chores anytime soon.

My neighbors always comment on how nice my yard looks – so well manicured, flowers planted, no weeds, etc – and ask how I do it as a single, working mom. I just smile and say “I have lots of help…”!!

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Allie said...

What a great way to discipline teens! I am going to keep that in mind when my children get to that age that time outs or losing a priviledge don't hold value anymore.