Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Month - Christmas Day (An Update)

I wrote a post last year titled "Holiday Month - Christmas Day" in which I talked about shifting the way we celebrate Christmas. Being very tired of all the commercialism associated with Christmas, and even more so this year when times are difficult for almost everyone, I wanted to shift my family’s focus to the spiritual celebrations. In last year's post, I wrote about how I was going to accomplish that.

So this year, we are now half way through Holiday Month, and we are all looking forward to Christmas Day. The house was decorated right after Thanksgiving. Several gifts have already been exchanged. We've made cookies. We are hosting a party tomorrow. Soon we will travel the city to look at all the lights. Family members will be joining us on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And we will reserve Christmas Day for its true purpose.

While the new approach I suggested last year would be harder to implement for families of young children, for my teenager-full family, it's working and working well.

I hope your holidays are going well - happy and as stress-free as possible. If not, bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies and eat them all!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time! We focus on family and being together. Trying to keep it as simple and low key as possible since M seems to soak in everyones nervous energy around this time.

I think this year it is even more difficult to get in the spirit of Christmas with all of the negative news.