Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Don't

- need new windows. If you know anything about new windows, you should have been able to tell I just had mine replaced not long ago.

- want to buy any magazines from a teenager who claims to be disadvantaged and was dropped off with 12 other teenagers

- wish to have my driveway repaved

- want to have my trees trimmed even if they are, as you say, a major hazard during a storm

- want to change the company that monitors my home alarm. I know you say your service is better, but so did the three people who came before you.

- don't need to be picked up and taken to the Baptist church on Sunday. I have nothing against your religious beliefs but I am a member of the Catholic church.

- am not interested in the ministerings of the Mormon church. Nor do my Deaf children need to 'borrow' any of your movies on DVD. Again, I have nothing against your beliefs, but I really like nuns.

- am not in need of your lawn service. I have teenage sons who take care of that for me, thank you very much.

- don't care to see your meat or Avon or tupperware or jewelry catalog

- like, really don't like, you coming to my door uninvited. That's what the 'No Soliciting' sign is for.

Just call me the grumpy lady of the neighborhood, or better yet, don't call me - I'll call you if I have a need for your services.


Janet said...


I don't want to be asked by a teen to shovel 1/2" of snow (for $ of course) but isn't around when we get the 6" or more.

HennHouse said...


I might post it on my door!

Molly said...

"but I really like nuns"

I cracked up at this. I don't know why. It was just a cute statement.

and when religious people come to my best friend's door her father invites them in. and then teaches them about Hinduism. haha.

The one time i got jehovas witnessed I wasn't wearing pants. I had thrown my back out and was laying on the floor when they came to the door. I was home alone and I couldn't bend enough to put pants on! They never came back.

Ashley's Mom said...

Molly, I love it! Maybe I should try the no pants thing :)