Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wish #1 - Fail, Wish #2 - We'll see

I told you last May that Ronnie had been approved for a wish from the Make A Wish Foundation. It took a while to get him to understand that this was all for him – something special. And, he finally settled on a wish – to meet Adam Dunn, the first baseman for the Washington Nationals baseball team.

The Make A Wish folks got working on that but their efforts were stalled because of Ronnie’s surgery and subsequent recuperation. And, baseball season is drawing to a close, and Mr. Dunn may or may not stay with the Nationals.

Since this coming Monday is the last game for the Nationals, and we hadn’t heard from Make A Wish, we assumed they were not able to work things out. But then the call came – last night about 5pm while I was standing in the checkout line at Kroger. The arrangements were made and we would be traveling this weekend for a meet and greet on Monday or Tuesday.

Sounds great, eh? Well, except for one big thing, it did sound perfect.

The call came at 5pm on Wednesday, and Make a Wish wanted us to travel in two days for a stay through the first of next week. I’m an extremely organized person but even with that there is just no way I can make arrangements for the rest of family in two days.

Ronnie has a small medical procedure scheduled for Monday. Ashley has an appointment with her neurosurgeon on Tuesday. Ronnie is supposed to attend his girlfriend’s birthday party on Saturday. I have no arrangements for someone to stay with Ashley while the boys and I travel. Chip can’t miss his college classes, and I’m not wild about taking Ronnie and Corey out of school so soon after the start of the semester.

This wish is not going to work.

The Make A Wish folks seemed a little miffed with me. I told them that if they could have just told me 2-3 days earlier that it was a possibility, I might have been able to pull things together. But 48 hours – I just couldn’t do it.

So, I talked to Ronnie, and he has adjusted his wish. Now we’ll wait and see if the Make A Wish folks aren’t so annoyed that they give up on us.


Terena said...

They'll work with you. I'm sure the woman on the phone was annoyed, but the agency as a whole is really wonderful. And how great that your son could be flexible and think of his whole family as well as himself.

Azaera said...

That sucks!! I'm sorry to hear they gave you such short notice. I hope the next one is better organized. Also I thought they arranged for the whole family to go? Or is it just for the parent & child with the wish?