Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Special Exposure Wednesday

I wrote yesterday that prospective adoptive parents don't have to give up on the 'firsts' of their child's life when adopting a teenager. While they may not be there for the first words, first steps or the first day of kindergarten, adopting a teen provides just as many 'firsts'! Here are some pictures to illustrate my point!

Ronnie's first go-cart!

And his first shave!

And his first girlfriend!

And his first time participating on a sports team!

And yes, even his first steps!

I urge you all to consider sharing the 'firsts' with a teenager in need of a forever family!

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Attila The Mom said...

Love it!

Kiki Mikolahi said...

The forever home line made me giggle, for all the right reasons! About two months ago I added to my family, not as major as an actual child, but Zoom the cat is very important to me. He's 3 years old and a little set in his ways so it's been a learning and adjusting experience for both of us but I love my new baby, just as much as if I had had him from a kitten. I always tease my girlfriends that this is my practise run on the adoption ladder, because you have to start somewhere!!!


Johnna said...

What a great post and fun photos! Hope the first go-cart run was a success.

MMC said...

Great pics!
And they make a great point!

Alison said...

Wow - they are some amazing first moments to be a part of. What a privilege.

VMI said...

Those are all amazing - and inspiring! Your family is very lucky and blessed to have each other - it is obvious you celebrate all the moments.

And I don't think I want my boys to see the first photo of the go-cart...

Terena said...

this is great