Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Break - Ashley Style

It was a week for catching up on sleep, being spoiled by Miss Amy, some crafts, wearing some new clothes, cookie baking, and a trip to the dentist. All in all, not a bad week!

Here are some pictures of one of Ashley's creations. It is a light fixture made of chicken wire, tissue paper, glue, ribbon and whatever sparklies she could find. We need to buy the light kit and a hook to hang it from her bedroom ceiling!

And of course, applauding yourself for a job well done!

Here are the cookies - brown rabbits and multicolored 'eggs'. Big brother, Ronnie was a HUGE help!

And finally, the dentist. Ashley was VERY good, and even tolerated X-rays. Never - never in 16 years has that happened. She was so proud that she carried a copy of the x-ray home with her!

Saturday brings a trip to the circus, and Sunday, big sister Jessica is coming home for dinner. Then it's back to the salt mine - er, school - on Monday!

Hope you have have a wonderful Easter weekend!


little.birdy said...

Can Ashley make me some lights for my bedroom and offices at school? They desperately need a professional touch. She should open an Etsy shop. That girl has got TALENT.

Attila The Mom said...

Wow, that lamp is fantastic!