Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Can You Hear Me Now? NO!

One of the activities my family has always enjoyed around the holidays is going to movies. It's the time of year that new movies are released, especially family movies. But because we live in an area that ignores the needs, wants and rights of people who are deaf or hearing-impaired, we no longer get to enjoy one of our favorite activities.

Two theaters in our area play ONE captioned movie at a time. One of those theaters is about 15 miles away and the other is about 25 miles away. During this winter break from school, the theaters are not playing captioned family movies. And, both theaters play the same movie.

So, we are left with the choice of taking Ashley and Ronnie to a movie that is not captioned or not going to the movies at all. We usually always choose the latter option.

Come on, Regal Theaters, you have the monopoly in our area. Would it be so difficult to show a couple of movies on more than two screens?

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