Monday, December 12, 2011

Do It Right....Or Else

Just when I thought I only had one school bus battle to fight, another rears its ugly head.

Now what, you ask? Well, for the last three days of last week, Ronnie had what we thought was a substitute bus driver and aide. I did find out late Friday afternoon that they are not substitutes - they are the new staff for his bus.

Apparently, the bus driver is 'new' as Central Office told me. And that newness is certainly apparent since she can't drive the friggin' bus!!

We have a nice long, wide paved driveway. Every bus for the last 14 years has been able to stop at the end of the driveway in such a way that the wheelchair lift can be set down with no problems. Ms. new bus driver, however, can't seem to do that. Last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, she either overshot or undershot the driveway. That wouldn't be too terrible if we didn't have deep ditches on either side of the driveway!!

All three days, the wheelchair lift was lowered into the ditch and the bus aide just stood by and watched as Ronnie struggled to get to level ground in his chair. Fortunately Chip was out of college and met Ronnie's bus and was able to help him.

I called the main transportation office and they said they "would talk to her." Wonder how things will go today? I'm going to leave work early just so I can be home when his bus arrives. If the driver doesn't make it safe for him to exit the bus, I'm going to be very, very angry and make a scene...

Stay posted for an update tomorrow!

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Just the Tip said...

Ughhh. If it's not one thing it's ten others. I know, personally, I have a lot less patience than I did prior to have a SN child. The fact that you have to advocate for someone 100% of the time, tends to make your personality a little more...abrupt.
Hopefully she gets it figured out, or you tell her!