Thursday, February 2, 2012

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Never ever doubt the power of social media and the press! Transplant for Mia now a possibility!

Do you have a child with a shunt? Depending on the particular type of shunt, using an iPad2 might present some problems. Apple iPad2 and Shunts

In the past two years, Ronald Walden has filed 18 lawsuits related to access for a person in a wheelchair just in the medium-sized city in which he lives. While I too experience the problems he mentions on almost a daily basis, I have to question whether lawsuits are the correct response to the problems. I have found that talking to a venue's owner, or mediation, or even just withdrawing patronage can have an impact for change also. There will always be the aggregious cases, or the cases where a proprietor is unwilling to even discuss the matter, but filing a lawsuit for everything??? To me it's a little like the story of the boy who cried wolf. Eventually the boy was ignored... Disability Access Lawsuits on the Rise

Leticia Velasquez is the editor of a new book, A Special Mother Is Born, which gathers the inspiring testimonies of parents who were given bad prenatal diagnoses, or found themselves unexpectedly the parents of a child with special needs. Read an interview with Ms. Velasquez here. (Special note - I have never liked the term 'special' mother/parent/person used to describe parents who have children with disabilities. It's just a personal thing for me. I don't feel special. What I do feel is very, very blessed.)

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