Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pass The Painkillers Please

I've only had a migraine maybe half a dozen times in my life, but boy when I do....Monday was one of those days. And unfortunately for me, it was also a day that schools were closed.

As most parents of children with severe disabilities know, life doesn't get put on hold just because we get sick. I've often wondered which was harder - (1) when my children are sick, (2) when I am sick, or (3) when we all are sick. And the answer, at least for me is (2), when I am sick. The kids are still their normal unique, needy selves but my reserves are pretty much depleted.

So I took a ton of ibuprofen,which I am not supposed to do because I am allergic to it, but it is the only thing that will even begin to dull the migraine pain. The headaches have been so infrequent that going to a doctor to get prescription meds seems like overkill. Fortunately the ibuprofen helped a bit, and once the kids were in bed and tended to, I headed to bed myself...

So how about you? What are your strategies for getting through the sick times and still taking care of your children's needs?

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Terena said...

I've been sick this whole holiday weekend (four days of no school). I agree, it's hardest when I'm sick. We muddled through by watching a Tinkerbell movie marathon, going for short trips to the store or to Starbucks for a treat, and art projects. Most of it is mind over matter for me, but my daughter did her best to be helpful. She tried hard to keep herself entertained for an hour at a time so I could rest. I was really proud of her.