Monday, October 8, 2012

Deadline Missed

I had it all planned. Friday was the start of a three day weekend for me, and the contractor had told me that Ashley's and Ronnie's room would be finished, and back to pre-water leak condition. I would have three days to get furniture moved back into the rooms, furniture moved back into place in the rest of the house, and the mountain of supplies that kept coming regardless of the fact that I had no where to store them finally put away.

But no - that was not meant to be.

The painter was here until 6:30pm Friday night. When he called it a day, none of the molding had been painted, and the closet shelves and bar had not been installed. The next day, in the bright sunlight, I also noticed that another coat of paint will be needed in Ashley's room, and something that still amazes me, the painter had not removed any nails or outlet covers - just painted right over them! I'm no painter but even I know better than that.

So, I've left two emails for the contractor, and I'll see what he has to say.

To say that I am extremely disappointed is an understatement. And, I will have to wait another week to get the house back the way that I want it. Ashley is never going to want to leave my room, and Ronnie has enjoyed having a TV and game system in the guest room in which he has had to stay, and will probably try to convince me not to move him back.

I'm just really tired of this whole situation, and want our normal, crazy life back.

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