Monday, October 15, 2012

Never Ever Doubt

This post is dedicated to my dear friend, Lynnette, and her beautiful daughter, Brooke.

If you think I am going to go away quietly, you are so wrong. If you think you can wait me out, again you are wrong.

By now you should realize that I will do absolutely anything to ensure my daughter's rights are not ignored. You may think you know her, and maybe you do a tiny little bit. But you have no idea of the true and complete person my daughter is.

You've never held her as she struggled for breath or was burning with fever. You've never seen the fear in her eyes as the doctor takes her away for surgery. You've never experienced the love in her eyes at a trusting touch. You've never heard her laugh, her deep belly laugh, when the dog licks her face. You've never seen her flutter her eyelids when a cute boy walks by, or seen the distress brought on by seizure after seizure. You've never really experienced how her whole face lights up when she finally understands a concept she was being taught.

You are her teacher in title but not in action.

If my daughter learns anything from you, it would be the following:
  • Adults lie
  • Adults drink alcohol and then tell their students that they are the reason
  • Teachers don't always like teaching nor do they always like their students
  • Teachers can be rude and sneaky

What you may not understand or choose to accept is that I am a teacher also. I teach children just like my daughter all the time. I take my job very seriously, and I want all my students to know they are respected and loved and that I have high expectations for them. I will try hundreds of different approaches to find the one best way to teach a particular student.

Why? Because I believe in them. I want to see their faces light up. I want them to know they matter.

My daughter deserves no less. If you refuse to be the type of teacher she needs, just step aside.

I will win this battle. I have right on my side. Never, ever doubt that.

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