Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Left Out

We had a party at our house this past weekend that included students, mentors and professionals in the field of disability. They were encouraged to bring their families, which some did, and everyone seemed to have a good time. Everyone, that is, but Ronnie.

Ronnie was the only Deaf person at the party. Chip and I were the only people besides Ronnie who knew sign language. (I was a little surprised at that actually.) I was busy with hostessing things - setting out food, provided drinks, chatting with guests - and Chip was, thankfully, watching Ashley for me. Sometime she does ok in large groups of people and other times she doesn't. This party was one of the "doesn't" times. So Ronnie was pretty much left to fend for himself. But that didn't work well.

He ended up staying in our guest bedroom that has some video games set up in it. He played games the whole time, and I would bring him food and drinks. At first I encouraged him to join the party, but then realized that it would be uncomfortable for him. He can read lips a little, but trying to do that in a party setting is extremely difficult.

So I've learned my lesson. At any similar events, and if Chip and I might be otherwise occupied during the event, I will need to find someone to provide signing support. I felt so bad after the party was over, and I apologized. Ronnie said he was more than fine just playing games, but I promised that next time would be different.

ATM: Watching our dog, Cooper, enjoy the Puppy Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday. Picture tomorrow....

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