Friday, February 15, 2013

The Start of My Own Basketball Team

My school district does many things well. That has not always been the case, but with leadership changes over the past 5 years or so, things are better for my children and other students receiving special education services. And in particular, the school that Ronnie and Ashley attend is great.

Ashley has a tee shirt from the school that says, "Tucker High School - Unity in Diversity." And that concept is real at Tucker High School. It is the reason I chose this particular high school, now 50 years old and showing its age, over the shiny, new schools recently built in our district. Diversity and acceptance are universal themes at the school. And now I have the perfect example to show you want I mean.

During basketball season, several of the schools in our district field teams comprised of special ed students. The school teams come together every Thursday to play a game against each other. Ashley's teacher sent me a link yesterday of a video that the school had made of one of those games. The link is below, but before you click on it, here are a few notes.

The video has extra stuff on it. Once you open it, fast forward to the 3:04 position. That is the start of the piece about the basketball games. At around 3:26, you will see my daughter, Jessica. She plays for an opposing school, and is the one in the purple uniform with a number 2 on it. Then at the 3:40 mark, you will get a quick glimpse of my son, Ronnie. He is the one in the wheelchair. Again at the 4:20 position, you will see Ronnie. At 4:40, you will see my sweet Ashley making a basket. At 4:50, basketball star Ronnie makes a basket, and at 5:10, Jessica makes a basket!

J.R.Tucker is a very special school! Here's the link: School Matters video

ATM: Showing this video to my co-workers and watching them dab the tears from their eyes.

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