Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Justice for Jenny

Have you heard about Jenny?  If not you need to read through the links below.

A bike accident left 29-year-old Jenny Hatch with nowhere to go, when her employers took her in. Now, they are in a legal battle to keep Jenny living where she wants to be.

Jim Talbert and Kelly Morris want to help Jenny by letting her live with them, but Jenny's mother has fought to keep the fully functioning young woman with Down Syndrome inside group homes.

Support for Jenny is growing.  Acknowledgement of the fact that she is capable of making her own decisions is what she wants.  The outcome of this case will be very important not just for Jenny but for everyone who has a disability or has a family member with a disability.

All this is just one of the many reasons that I refuse to have my children with disabilities declared incompetent.  They need my help but not my full guardianship.

Take a few moments and hear Jenny's story.  Then decide what you would do if you could decide this case...

Jenny's Guardianship Battle to Commence

Jenny Gets A New Attorney (BTW, this is the same attorney who has made such an incredible difference in my Ashley's life. He is the best of the best!)

Jenny Destined for Group Home For Now

Jenny's Court Battle Begins

Facebook page set up by two people who are advocating for Jenny

Justice for Jenny

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