Monday, June 18, 2007

The Other Story from a "Pillow Angel"

I have written twice before about a young girl named Ashley from Seattle (A Tale of Two Ashleys, A Tale of Two Ashley's - Continued). I didn't think I could be outraged any further than I had after reading about Seattle Ashley and the brutality she experienced at her parents' hands. But, my outrage has grown even deeper after reading this article from the Seattle Post Intelligencer written June 15, 2007 by another 'pillow angel'. (Please pay special attention to the fact that I said "WRITTEN" by another pillow angel)

In my January 13, 2007 blog post, I said I would gladly take Seattle Ashley into my home and raise her to be the woman she is meant to be. I stand by that offer, especially after reading the above referenced article. The following profound quote from the author says it all...

No child should be presumed to be profoundly retarded because she can't talk. All children who can't talk should be given access to communication therapy before any judgments are made about their intelligence.

Could we get that statement tattooed on the forehead of every educator in the United States?

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