Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thankful Thursday

It’s been a tough week and coming up with a list of things for which I am thankful is a little more difficult this week. When the bad times seem to engulf every aspect of your life, remembering to be thankful for even the small good things is, I believe, even more important. So, here’s today’s list – even if some of the items listed seem trivial. This week I will take what I can get! Today I am thankful for:

  • People like Dave Hingsburger at Chewing the Fat who likes the idea of expressing thanks publicly and has challenged his blog readers to do the same. Thanks, Dave!

  • Pizza Hut pizza, especially when the pepperoni is extra crispy

  • The on and off rain showers we have had this week

  • That my 14 year old son has lasted a week at his Youth Conservation Corps job, and I haven’t received a call to pick him up because of his behavior

  • Red patent leather peep-toe shoes which lift my spirits when things are looking bleak. I’m wearing them today.

  • That I was able to get to work and my parking space without too much trouble from the Michael Vick court date circus – the courthouse is right across the street from my office.

  • That for the last week, Ashley has slept about 6 hours each night – not straight through, mind you, but it’s much better than the usual sleep patterns.

  • That my rubekia flowers are in full bloom and add shots of brilliant yellow/orange color to my yard. And, that they are not poisonous to eat since Ashley has 3-4 each day.

  • That I haven’t gotten any calls from my daughter, Jessica’s day support program to inform me of yet another incident of aggressive behavior.

  • Amy

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Belinda said...

Dear Ashley's Mom,
Thanks for the idea of Thankful Thursday. And may you have even more to be thankful for tomorrow. May it be a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!!!