Monday, August 6, 2007

Paying the Piper

There are so many things about the CNN story linked below that I just don't understand.

I've been through the adoption process three times now. It was grueling, and not an easy thing to accomplish. How did Mrs. Leekin get through the adoption process 9 times without at least one social worker noticing that things were amiss? The story tells how Mrs. Leekin used adoptions as a way to make money. How in the world can that happen? I am further in debt now that when I had only my one birth child, and I do receive subsidies for my other three. I realized early on that the subsidies help, but they in no way cover all the expenses for raising a child properly. Maybe the key word here is 'properly'.

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Attila The Mom said...

This is just so horrendous that I can't see straight. Grrrrr!