Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Random Musings

Ashley is channeling Elvis and Stevie Wonder today. She is sorely in need of a haircut, something I can always figure out when her hair starts to look exactly like Elvis’s. And, this morning while waiting for the school bus, her rocking back and forth blindism was exactly like Stevie Wonder. She needs to take her accordion and our dog who ‘sings’ when she plays her accordion on the road and earn us some money with this act. We can call it Stevie Elvis and her Wonder Dog.

Let’s see – we’ve got a week and a half before school starts. I haven’t seen the job posted for Ashley’s new instructional assistant (who must be fluent in sign), and the school administrators are conveniently in meetings whenever I call to ask a status. You can bet I'm going to school that first day to see if ANYONE is using sign language to communicate with my deaf child.

Vacation is now 3 days and 22 hours away, but who’s counting!

Even though Ashley is receiving extended school year services through the end of this week, yesterday school transportation told me all bus drivers have to attend mandatory training and cannot transport Ashley to school. I called the head of transportation and asked for his assistance in beaming Ashley to school (think Star Trek). Lo and behold, a bus showed up for her this morning.

Ashley was finally able to eat a Cheeto this morning, the first time since her dental surgery last Thursday. Life is once again bearable…

Vacation is now 3 days 21 hours and 56 minutes away, but who’s counting!

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