Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm Not Ready

I looked at the calendar today, really looked at it, and realized that the summer break from school is already half way over. How did we get here so quickly?

I’m not ready to start thinking of school supply lists, school fees, new clothes and shoes.

I’m not ready to fill out the pages and pages of forms on which no information has changed from last year. Why can’t the information be transferred year after year, letting parents verify instead of getting writer’s cramp?

I’m not ready to start training another teacher for Ashley – trying to make that person understand that deafblindness is a unique disability that is not the same as being only blind or only deaf.

I’m not ready to insist that Jessica’s teachers have high expectations for her and teach her math and reading rather than cooking and shopping.

I’m not ready to start the homework struggles with Corey, and holding my breath each time his report card is due to come home.

I’m not ready to deal with late buses, nurses who overreact and school administrators who have lost sight of why they chose the education field.

Five weeks left, and I refuse to think about these things for at least the next three weeks.


mommy~dearest said...


You just made my blood pressure jump to a whole other level!!!

OMG...I'm panicked...anxious...is it hot in here???...Can I get some water...?

Anonymous said...

Me either. I need to plan stuff for Homeschooling and am waiting to find out about the Autism Center. Just reading your psot freaks me out. Another year without M in school. Ahhhhhhh! Lord help me!

I hope your new teacher for Ashley is as wonderful as the last.

Trish said...

I've just been thinking about that this week too. Put in a call to the autism consultant who is supposed to help the team when he starts kindergarten but haven't heard back yet. I can't believe how fast the summer is going!

terena said...

Yeah, I am definately not looking forward to school starting. New school, new teachers. Jr. High. Yikes. I'm already angry because the elevator isn't fixed (her first period is upstairs!), the Special Ed teacher is a little too overprotective for my liking, and now I was told Queen Teen isn't even registered! Excuse me? Didn't we have an IEP? Didn't I sign a million forms? Of course, this being summer there's no one in the office to fix that. Guess how I found out? Someone from her new school got a hold of Queen Teen's aid from two years ago and asked her if she knew Queen Teen's student ID. No one has bothered to contact me.

Yeah, REALLY NOT looking forward to school.

Ashley's Mom said...

For the life of me, I just don't understand why things have to be so difficult for our kids. It's not like this is the first year the school system has had children with special needs. It's not like there have been major changes in the law. Why do they (the school district) make things so tough???