Monday, July 7, 2008

Record Setting

It’s 9am and we are home from the hospital. We set a new record today!

Ashley was scheduled to have a cholesteotoma tumor removed from between each ear and her brain. She gets these tumors frequently, and the ear specialist must go in and remove them. Otherwise, she will have almost constant ear infections. She’s had surgery at least 6 times in the last 3 years.

The first time the doctor attempted the surgery, I don’t think he was prepared for the fact that the inside of Ashley’s ears are not structured quite like most people’s ears. He came out of surgery to let me know that he was working on the tumors but that things were going slower than he expected. I got very worried, primarily because he had sweat dripping from his brow and he seemed a little flustered. But the surgery went well that time, and has gotten better for each subsequent surgery. Ashley has once again provided invaluable learning experiences for one of her doctors!

Today’s surgery began at approximately 7:30. Thirty minutes later, Ashley had general anesthesia, had both her ears cleaned out, and was in the recovery room. Thirty minutes after that, she had woken up and Amy and I were helping her to her wheelchair. By 9am, we were home and Ashley was asking for food – lots of food.

Great job, Dr. Lim, and great job, Ashley! You are both real troopers!


Maddy said...

Thank goodness. I always think asking for food is a very good sign.
Best wishes

mommy~dearest said...

Wow! That really is record setting!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! That was amazingly fast. I am so glad the surgery went well and Ashley was able to be home and recovering so quickly.