Friday, April 17, 2009

Out Of The Dark?

If a surgery existed that might help your child’s disabilities, would you agree to it? Parents of children who are deaf agree to cochlear implant surgery daily. But what if your child was blind, and what if the surgery was experimental?

Check out this link:

Dark World May Become Brighter For The Blind

I wrote about my feelings on this subject two years ago, but what about you? What would you do?


Connor's Mom said...

I think it would depend on the kind of surgery. I mean, Connor's had four at this point for various disabilities-- things that would have potentially ended his life otherwise. In that case, absolutely.

As far as experimental things, though-- I'd be too afraid of a "Flowers for Algernon" sort of situation, to tell you the truth, and I also think at this point that changing Connor's disabilities-- especially the neurological ones-- would in some way fundamentally change Connor-- not something I'd like to do. We love the little guy how he is.

That being said; if Connor was a candidate for a cochlear implant, we'd probably get one, so I don't know.

If someday something came up, we'd probably ask him and see what he wanted to do. It's hard to sort out my feelings on it.


Dalya said...

It makes me think of an episode of a show called medical incredible which shows unique medical instances and how people can survive them and such. There was a woman who had an artificial cornea inserted in her eye, they were invented and are most often used in Australia and she was able to see after the surgery was completed because the cornea, during an 'incubation' period actually grows into the eye and creates site. Because this is still a mostly experimental surgery in the states contacting the right people and willing to be part of a trial makes it free.