Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful...

  • that the especially grueling work meeting I was in all morning is over

  • for the Chinese food I bought for lunch to reward myself for being in the grueling work meeting all morning

  • that the beautiful Brooke is out of the hospital, back home, and is feeling much, much better

  • that my son, Chip, did such a wonderful job planting my flowers and herb garden this past weekend. It's the vegetable garden this coming weekend.

  • that in just one more day, it will be the weekend again

  • that Ashley only woke up one time last night. Of course, I still got up several times to make sure she was still breathing :)

  • that little Collin made it through it trach surgery and is on the road to recovery

  • for the yummy strawberries that are filling the grocery store produce bins right now

  • that my laundry is caught up

  • that it is once again time to wear shorts. I can almost hear my legs saying, "ahh yes, sunshine again!"

1 comment:

Chun Wong said...

That's all great news. I'm glad you're having a day of counting your blessings, sounds like you've had a good 24 hours. Loved the photo of the strawberry, made me feel very hungry!