Friday, May 1, 2009

Geeky Friday

One of the wonderful things about having a geek for a son is that I find out about all the new products being developed or already available for people who are blind, deaf, or deafblind.

Chip, my 18 year old geek, was so excited to share information about the potential of the Kindle E-Book reader as a tool for a person who is blind. He was so impressed he said he wished he had thought of it first because he could probably become a very wealthy person as a result! Check out these two stories about the Kindle as a tool for the Blind. It’s not a reality yet, but it seems very close to becoming one.

Kindle for the Blind

Kindle for the Blind - Part Deux

But then every geek also has a playful side, and as a result, Chip also found this story about adapting a Rubik’s Cube for someone who is blind:

Accessible Rubik's Cube

And finally, although the previous stories were about devices still being planned, here is a device that is a reality. People who are blind are now able to ‘visualize’ rides at Disney World. Personally, this one doesn’t interest me as much because I almost always have my eyes tightly shut on any amusement park ride!

Disney World Device

Happy Friday, everyone.

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