Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Funny At All

Last night while I was ironing and folding laundry I watched a little bit of the TV show, America’s Funniest Videos. It’s not a show I watch regularly, and after last night, I may never watch it again.

Two things bothered me greatly about some of the videos shown last night. First, I saw several – more than three – videos of children on bikes or skateboards or motorized scooters and NONE OF THEM WERE WEARING HELMETS OR OTHER PROTECTIVE GEAR.

These videos were of the children falling or crashing. Apparently some folks find that very funny. I’m not one of them. Or maybe since Extreme Makeover Home Edition follows America’s Funniest Videos, the producers feel that they can address any serious injuries by building the participants a new house later.

Regardless of the humor factor of these videos, what message are we sending to children, children who probably already argue with their parents about wearing helmets and protective gear?

The second video on the show that irritated me showed three young women, college age it appeared, who were helping a squirrel get ‘unstuck’ from a tree. The squirrel had gotten its head stuck in a hole in the tree, and the three young women were tugging and twisting in an attempt to help it. It was pretty funny – at least until one of the young women yelled at one of the others, “You’re so retarded.”

Come on, ABC, you should know better than that. At least edit out that part of the video. Again, the show that follows America’s Funniest Videos does a fine job of disability awareness and sensitivity. So, surely AFV could also.

I’m very disappointed, ABC…if you even care.

(the video shown below is not from AFV, but it is representative of the types of things shown on AFV)


Erin said...

I have a problem with these shows too...why is it that the American public seems to think that people getting hurt is funny. My favorite take-off of AFV is "The Planet's Funniest Animals", which contrary to the name, is not all about animals - but they don't accept videos where anyone gets injured.

little.birdy said...

After taking a traumatic brain injury class, I want to put on a helmet every time I leave the house! They should put a little disclaimer on the bottom of the screen about the importance of wearing helmets or something.

Queenbuv3 said...

My husband and I can't watch that show because we are horrified by people getting injured and other people finding it funny. It is not funny at all!

Anonymous said...

My disabled 15 year old thinks it's a "neurotypical" 5 year old however, is absolutely mortified by this show. She keeps saying "why are people laughing at this?! That boy got hurt! That's really not funny!"
They just showed a segment of people getting bitten by animals..not funny either...