Monday, July 6, 2009

Silly People

It’s amazing how much better life is for Ashley when she has the appropriate supports. The second half of the last school year was a nightmare. Ashley did not have an aide who knew enough sign language, and as a result, she regressed in many things – both academic skills as well as daily living skills.

That same aide was with Ashley for the first two weeks of summer school, but starting last week, a person with exactly the right skills has been assigned to Ashley. The difference is nothing short of amazing. Ashley has learned more in the last week than in the last 6 months of school. Why can’t the school staff see that? Well, maybe they can but choose not to act on what they see.

Ashley will be transitioning to high school the coming school year, and still we have not had an IEP meeting to determine what her program will be nor where she will even be going to school. However, I did receive an email today setting the IEP meeting for August 11th – about 25 days before school is scheduled to start. And the meeting is set to begin at 1pm.

Does the school staff, these people with whom I have been interacting for the last three years, really believe we are going to be able to develop a transitional IEP in a few hours?

Silly, silly people….

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Sue said...

Perhaps you should just write it before you go and tell them that as they didn't give you sufficient time to write a sensible document together, 'Here's one I prepared earlier!' :)