Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful...

  • that it is Thursday and tomorrow is my last work day this week. It's been a rough work week...

  • that Mr. Baldwin, my next door neighbor, is still with us. His brain cancer is progressing rapidly, and he just wants to 'go'. I feel selfish wanting him to 'stay'.

  • for the wonderful sweet, juicy watermelons that are in season right now. I can eat a healthy fruit and feel like I am eating dessert

  • for the Dreamcatcher event scheduled for this Saturday. Dreamcatchers is a support group for parents across our state who have a family member with deafblindness. I'm looking so forward to seeing our friends again!

  • for Ashley's great mood this week! Her ear infection has been treated and she is one very happy camper

  • for Nancy Q., a vocational counselor from our state's Department for the Blind. Nancy met with us this week and has some great ideas on how to help Ashley figure out how she wants to spend her adult working life.

  • that Chip likes to cook dinner on the grill for us! He has done it twice so far this week, and probably will again tonight

  • for tomatoes, tomatoes and more tomatoes! My vines runneth over, and my freezer is getting full. It will be a good winter since it has been such a good summer!

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Dalya said...

try making homemade tomato sauce or a savoury chili to accompany pork chops, chicken and other tasty treats!!! There are lots of easy steps to include every one in, and canning is lots of fun, especially for hearing children, hearing the pop, my grandmother, also deaf, would cover my hand with a tea towel so i could feel it pop and not burn my hand!