Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Summer has finally arrived, and brought with it suitcases full of heat and humidity. Today’s Thankful Thursday list is dedicated to all things cooling!

Today I am thankful…

  • for banana popsicles that drip cold plops of stickiness down overheated extremities

  • for ceiling fans and that yummy burst of cold while standing under one right after a shower

  • for sprinklers watering my garden and my children all at the same time

  • for cold food dinners – barbecued chicken, pasta salad and watermelon

  • for cotton clothes. I can’t imagine wearing anything else, except maybe linen, on these sweltering days

  • for sitting on a wooden dock and swishing feet in lukewarm lake water while little fish swim by and nibble your ankles

  • for homemade lemonade with sprigs of mint from my garden

  • for iced water, iced tea and iced coffee

  • for a car that has a working air conditioner, a full tank of gas, and a satellite radio

  • for the shade of my big maple tree and my covered front porch

What do you do to keep cool in the summer?

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